The Carl Zeiss Compact Zoom CZ.2 is a motorized servo and control unit which is versatile and powerful. New and uniquely integrated features distinguish this unit and make it truly unique. Handy, light, compact design and a wide zoom range characterize the Carl Zeiss Compact Zoom CZ.2. The unit can be combined with various cameras. The various ZEISS lenses can be coupled to different units without tools, plug & play, this creating a maximum of freedom.

  • ManufacturerZEISS
  • SeriesCinematography
  • TypeServo Unit
  • CategoryAudio and Video
  • Year2015 - 2015
  • Services technical design, analysis + research, modelling, testing, ergonomics, brand related design, product design, Corporate Product Design, Industrial Design, Qualitative Research, Evaluation Testing, Technical Design, CGI, Design Modelling, Animation & 3D Modelling

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