The new faucet line Rebris impresses with its slim shapes and sleek modern looks. Available in both design variants Rebris S and Rebris E, it is perfect for every bathroom look. With its soft shapes, Rebris S creates a harmonious look at the washbasin. Characteristic for Rebris S is the repetition of the rounding at the handle and spout. Rebris E is the modern interpretation of the design. The plane edge on the handle and spout underlines the timeless elegance. High quality appearance is created by the design line on the side of the faucets, the flat surfaces as well as the slim spout. Both design lines are available in trendy matt black and in chrome.

  • ProductBathroom faucet
  • ManufacturerHansgrohe
  • SeriesRebris
  • CategoryBath and wellness
  • Services analysis + research, strategic design, Class A Surfacing, testing, material lab, product design, Visual Brand Identity, Corporate Product Design, Industrial Design, Qualitative Research, Class-A-Surfacing, Portfolio Strategy
  • reddot Award: Winner reddot Award: Winner

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