• DesignTalking - Design & Innovation

    DesignTalking - Design & Innovation

    DesignTalking at the Aquademie in Schiltach about design innovations in everyday life with online live transfer for participating journalists.

    The first round of DesignTalking on the topic of Design & Innovation took place on July 12 at the hansgrohe Aquademie in Schiltach. Various media representatives were connected live and were able to ask open questions after the interview with Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management and Engineering, hansgrohe and Matthias Oesterle, Design Director, Phoenix Design. We are pleased about the good response and are looking forward to your questions at the next DesignTalking!

    Let's start DesignTalking - What influence does design have on innovation? And how does a long-term partnership succeed in reinventing products again and again? The invited journalists already learned on Monday that there is usually no direct briefing or kick-off for a new shower family, as the development process of a new shower family is created jointly. How the innovation and design process works was explained using the example of Pulsify. The participants were able to test the shower experience at home with the Pulsify hand shower.

    How crucial user testing is for the development of new products was highlighted by both parties with various anecdotes "from the shower". Design is thought from people and is user-centred - so the jet test lab and various shower stagings are not to be missed. Depending on the results of the user testing, not all ideas and approaches can be pursued further. Matthias Oesterle revealed that it can be tough for the designers when it's "Kill your darling".

    We are looking forward to the next Insights, when it's DesignTalking again!

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    DesignTalking - Design & Innovation