• Phoenix Design and hansgrohe – a success story

    Phoenix Design and hansgrohe – a success story

    Phoenix Design and hansgrohe – an exemplary partnership for 33 years! The new online format of the Design Center Baden-Württemberg "Success Factor Design - Success Stories" shows exemplary and successful cooperations between design agencies and SMEs from Baden-Württemberg.

    Of course, the long-standing partnership between Phoenix Design and hansgrohe cannot be missed! The cooperation is as old as Phoenix Design itself - 33 years. Hansgrohe was the first customer and has remained so to this day, happy about the fresh wind that Phoenix brings to the company as an external agency, according to Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management at Hansgrohe. Andreas Diefenbach, Managing Partner of Phoenix Design, also affirms how important a constant partnership is for the development of a common mindset and even speaks of a common "battle or community of interests". This is also demonstrated, for example, by the fact that Phoenix Design - influenced by Hansgrohe - has dedicated itself to water as a resource.

    Full interview: https://design-center.de/en/successStories-hansgrohe-phoenix-944.html

    Phoenix Design and hansgrohe – a success story
  • Phoenix at the AXOR-Event in Kunming, China

    Phoenix at the AXOR-Event in Kunming, China

    Phoenix Design is guest at a big AXOR event in Kunming, South China! Our senior designer Lun Yeh is one of the main speakers of the evening, talking about the intersection of design and luxury.

  • CTO Autumn Forum of the Diesel Curatorium

    CTO Autumn Forum of the Diesel Curatorium

    They say the future belongs to courageous companies. But what happens when courage, sense and perspective fall? We are looking forward to this year's CTO Autumn Forum of the Dieselkuratorium on October 16, 2020 in Berlin in the tension between fragility and robustness!

  • New jury member at young talent competition aed neuland!

    New jury member at young talent competition aed neuland!

    The young talent competition aed Neuland 2021 is back on track! We are pleased that Moritz Kemper, Principal Creative Technologist at Phoenix Design, will be part of the 20-member jury of the young talent competition.

    Congratulations and good luck in judging the entries of young designers! Registration for the competition is now open, closing date for entries is 31 March 2021. Further information on the jury and the competition can be found at: https://www.aed-neuland.de/jury/ and https://www.aed-neuland.de/presse.

    New jury member at young talent competition aed neuland!
  • Future mobility: Maritime Urbanization

    Future mobility: Maritime Urbanization

    How about the future of mobility in urban coastal regions? How can flexible means of transport be seamlessly linked to the rigid architectural stock while being redefined?

  • RainPad for the modern bathroom

    RainPad for the modern bathroom

    Fresh product for hansgrohe: RainPad a modern control panel with a glass surface that combines the functions of the shower in a central environment in a clear and simple manner and always remains clearly visible thanks to the illuminated icons. Temperature and quantity can be adjusted quickly and intuitively using the rotary control.More >>>


    RainPad for the modern bathroom
  • Welcome Interns!

    Welcome Interns!

    Just in time for the first of September, we were able to make it possible for two students from the Universities of Applied Sciences in Graz and Hanover to start a six-month internship at Phoenix Design - despite tightened corona circumstances.

    Lucas and Jonas are already fully integrated into the Phoenix processes. We say: welcome and wish them an instructive and eventful time in the Stuttgart! We have also retained some students as working students: we are looking forward to the next generation of designers in our team!

    Welcome Interns!
  • Collector - Intelligent Drum Kit

    Collector - Intelligent Drum Kit

    Tianchen Liu worked for his master's thesis at Delft University of Technology on the drum kits of the future in collaboration with the Phoenix Design Academy. "Collector" is the concept for an intelligent drum kit that fundamentally brings emotions that connect drummers and their drums into new acoustic possibilities. More >>>

  • Optimizing the Design Circle

    Optimizing the Design Circle

    A successful article in the well-known Chinese magazine Art and Design after an interview with Andreas Diefenbach (Stuttgart) and Yifan Zang (Shanghai), both managing partners of PHOENIX DESIGN:

  • New chapter in the kitchen

    New chapter in the kitchen

    With the exclusive hansgrohe Aquno Select M81, a new chapter in the kitchen begins. In the design, PHOENIX considered the optimum workflow at the sink as well as the careful handling of water with maximum functionality and clear design. A new archetype of kitchen mixer is defined. More >>>

    No matter what is currently in the sink: with the flat shower, an additional option is available for a clear laminar and voluminous shower spray. Intuitively you change at the hansgrohe sink with the Aquno Select M81 mixer to the just needed jet. The three options make the versatile mixer a multi-talent, the combination of flatness and round arch makes the fitting become the new archetype in the kitchen.  further product  information  >>>

    Awarded by >>> German Design Award 2020 GOLD >>> iF Design Award 2020 >>> German Innovation Award 2020 >>> Red Dot Award: Best of Best 2020


    New chapter in the kitchen
  • 11x Red Dot Design Award: best of the best & winner

    11x Red Dot Design Award: best of the best & winner

    Phoenix Design is honoured to receive 11 awards at the Red Dot Design Award 2020, among them one Best of the Best for the hansgrohe kitchen faucet Aquno Select M81. The international panel of nearly 40 jurors honoured only 76 of the more than 6,500 submitted products from 48 categories with the competition’s top accolade, the “Best of the Best”.

  • PAGE > Design Operations

    PAGE > Design Operations

    Everybody’s talking about DesignOp’s – but exactly what is it? This is the topic of one of the title leads of PAGE 05.2020. How PHOENIX has been developing this theme in collaboration with client Stiebel Eltron, was published in the May edition of PAGE magazine. “Consistent design must have top priority for C-level management,” says Claudia Tietge, Design Business Manager, PHOENIX. >>>

  • Red Dot Yearbook 2020 > Interview

    Red Dot Yearbook 2020 > Interview

    An interview with PHOENIX for the Red Dot Yearbook 2020. Andreas Diefenbach, Managing Partner and Matthias Oesterle, Design Business Manager answer questions about the Best of the Best for the hansgrohe Aquno Select M81 kitchen mixer.


  • ndion > Interview Andreas Diefenbach

    ndion > Interview Andreas Diefenbach

    "The opportunity for change has never been as great as now." Putting the question: ndion Interview with Andreas Diefenbach, Managing Partner from PHOENIX: ndion is the content platform from the German Design Council, which has been promoting awareness of the economic, cultural and social importance of design, branding and innovation since its inception in 1953.

    Putting the question: an interview with Andreas Diefenbach from Phoenix Design

    Interview by Thomas Wagner.

    In an interview with Andreas Diefenbach, managing partner of PHOENIX we spoke about the current pandemic situation in April 2020; how remote working is changing the creative process; innovation; new needs and the future role of social design, including in a global context.

    >>> Interview > Andreas Diefenbach >>>

    ndion provides a wide range of content from the interrelated fields of design, branding and innovation. Browse this platform to discover portraits of personalities, newcomers and companies, international design and brand news, cross-industry innovations, discussion panels, exhibitions, and much more. Keep yourself informed with an exciting range of articles, interviews, podcasts and videos on diverse topics of relevance to design and brand management.

    ndion > Interview Andreas Diefenbach
  • 3x GOLD at German Innovation Award 2020

    3x GOLD at German Innovation Award 2020

    Great success for Phoenix Design. 3x GOLD at the German Innovation Award 2020. The renowned award went to the Aquno Kitchen Mixer and the RainTunes Shower Scenario, both products from our long-standing customer hansgrohe. Another GOLD award is given to the LUQEL Water Station. Together with our customers, we are very happy about this great GOLD result.

    The awards that make innovation visible. The German Innovation Awards honour products and solutions across sectors, which differ from previous solutions mainly by being user-centred and offering added value. They do so because there are innovations in all sectors that shape the future and improve life. Sometimes you see them at first glance – but often not. The German Innovation Awards aim to change that. They make great achievements visible to a wide audience and ensure successful positioning in the market.With 700 entries in 2020, the German Innovation Awards achieved a great response once again. A total of 38 products/projects were awarded »Gold«,

    HANSGROHE Kitchen Mixer Aquno >>>

    HANSGROHE Kitchen Mixer Aquno >>> Jury Statement >>>

    HANSGROHE Shower Scenario RainTunes >>>

    HANSGROHE Shower Scenario RainTunes >>> Case Study > Transforming Shower >>>

    HANSGROHE Shower Scenario RainTunes >>> Jury Statement >>>

    LUQEL Water Station >>>  

    LUQEL Water Station >>> Case Study > Ecosystem >>>

    LUQEL Water Station >>> Case Study > Water Balancer >>>

    LUQEL Water Station >>> Jury Statement >>>

    German Design Council – the organiser. Founded by the German Bundestag and sponsored by German industry, as an independent and internationally active institution, the German Design Council champions the competitiveness of companies. With its competitions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications, it makes an important contribution to the transfer of knowledge relating to design. Since 1953, the German Design Council's contests have been honouring design, brand and innovation achievements of international renown. The sponsors of the German Design Council currently include over 320 domestic and foreign companies employing more than three million people.

    3x GOLD at German Innovation Award 2020
  • BAUMEISTER - The Connection of Things

    BAUMEISTER - The Connection of Things

    Architecture magazine BAUMEISTER in conversation with Andreas Diefenbach, Managing Partner of PHOENIX. Phoenix Design has worked with large bathroom and plumbing companies for decades. Andreas Diefenbach, designer and managing partner of Phoenix Design, explains in an interview how to develop a brand language and what the upcoming trends in the bathroom and sanitary industries are. The interview was conducted by Alexander Russ and will be published by Baumeister in the May 2020 issue.

  • Silvia ... As Time Goes By

    Silvia ... As Time Goes By

    A bit of a goodbye – at a distance. Silvia’s time as duly employed Head of Communications draws to a close this month. Her new title: Independent Lady. But those who know her are confident that Silvia Olp will continue to turn the wheels in the network of design and architecture.

    Whether as a juror at award competitions, as initiator of the aed neuland competition for up-and-coming designers, as President of aed Stuttgart, or even as a freelancing communication specialist extraordinaire ... among others also for Phoenix Design.

    Travelling and visiting friends in the far corners of the Earth – that’s a top priority on her agenda. However, like with so many of us, the current situation has forced her to slam on the brakes. Hopefully only for a short while.

    On a different note: Anybody qualified interested in the position of Communication Manager are cordially invited to contact her. A sound and comprehensive onboarding by Silvia Olp is guaranteed. Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

    Silvia ... As Time Goes By
  • The futher of water

    The futher of water


    Phoenix Design has developed a revolutionary, multifunctional platform around the digitisation of drinking water. In this way, a range of products has come about which blur the distinction between the digital world and the analogue world. A project with this scope has been shaped from scratch throughout several years of cooperation with a start-up company, evolving via numerous phases and resulting in an holistic and tangible ecosystem.