RainPad combines the functions of the shower in a sleek control panel and enables clear and easy usage. The different spray types can be selected with illuminated icons on the glass surface. Water temperature and quantity can be controlled quickly and intuitively using the rotary knob. Due to the low installation height and high-quality materials, RainPad integrates perfectly in the modern bathroom. RainPad also works seamlessly with the hansgrohe RainTunes shower scenarios and is easy to update, so that users will enjoy showering for a long time to come.

  • ProductShower control panel
  • ManufacturerHansgrohe
  • TypeRainPad
  • CategoryBath and wellness
  • Services user analysis, trend consulting, Visual Interface Design, strategic design, testing, material lab, product design, 品牌形象, 创新咨询, 产品识别设计, 工业设计, 定性研究, 用户测试, 趋势研究, 设计模型, 交互模型

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