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The future of wellbeing.

„Technology serves only one purpose: To help people lead a better, more intense life – no matter where. In a comprehensive, interdisciplinary project, we have re-thought the core competence of our long-standing partner hansgrohe.“

Matthias Oesterle Designer


The true meaning of taking a shower

Taking a shower is much more than just body hygiene, it is an essential ritual in our daily life.
It wakes us up, invigorates us, relaxes us, gives us room for our body
and especially for our mind.



The choreography of the elements

In cooperation with hansgrohe, we have re-combined technologies in order to unfold the potential of natural elements. Thanks to the digital orchestration of heat, cold, light, fragrance, and sound, we have managed to create delightful, invigorating and inspiring shower experiences.



The app for well-being

The hansgrohe Home app is like Spotify for the shower – depending on the mood, situation, and need, there’s always the right shower scenario. Via the app, various shower scenarios (RainTunes) may be selected and played back. Music, video, light, temperature, and jet intensity adapt to the respective individual scenario in perfect sync. From cosy warmth with relaxing sounds all the way to vitalising intermittent hot-and-cold showers with activating jets.


The digital form of water

In order to realise these emotional moments, we have combined digital control with the most efficient jet technology by hansgrohe. The new Rainfinity showers offer immersive shower experiences and give water a new form. The iconic design of this product line is the new benchmark for the bathroom inside a modern home.


The ecosystem of the future

With hansgrohe Cloud, we have achieved to connect the hitherto analogue infrastructure of flowing water in a new form to digital systems and thus to turn it into a part of the IoT. Together with existing platforms like Philips Hue or Spotify, this creates a new open ecosystem perfectly adapted to the needs in the bathroom. Moreover, hansgrohe Cloud makes it possible to take numerous new possibilities around water into further areas of life and to create interconnected experiences.


The transformation of a business culture

In order to put the meaning of taking a shower to the test, a wide range of disciplines, expertise and processes as well as working methods were combined.

Together with hansgrohe, we have not only designed innovative products and services in this project, but we’ve also created an environment fit for the future where digital ideas may grow and succeed. The product spawned the hansgrohe InnovationLAB which in turn serves as an incubator for further initiatives. The project is an exemplary case in point for designing the digital transformation of companies and the changing needs of their clients.


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Silvia Olp

Silvia Olp

Head of Communications

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