• FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog

    Phoenix Design is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Time to remember, to celebrate the present, and to look into the future. Our anniversary is marked by opening our own studio in Shanghai, China, and by introducing our new blog.


    In our blog, we will regularly tell you about our origins, about the present, and about the future of Phoenix Design. We listen, write, and move. Look forward to reading fascinating stories. We want to share the unique Phoenix Design spirit – with texts that are heart-warming and intellectually inspiring.

    1987 – come with us and discover the origins of Phoenix Design.
    2017 – enjoy our success today together with us.
    2047 – read our thoughts about the future.


    FIRST . NOW. NEXT - The new Phoenix blog
  • Audi - Digital Partner

    Audi - Digital Partner

    Designed by Audi – supported by PHOENIX. We are a long-time partner of Audi design team, implementing new design solutions to next generation production vehicles. In close co-operation and under the direction of Audi's in-house designers, we envision trailblazing digital instrument solutions.

    For many years, PHOENIX has been accompanying Audi, both as a process partner and in pixel-perfect implementation, as well as in bringing digitality to life in the vehicles of tomorrow. Working closely under the direction of Audi design team, we bring brand values and user needs to a common denominator. We inspiring Audi's design team with fresh approaches.Concept cars are a particularly attractive challenge that we always like to embrace. Here we support as a partner under Audi design team’s direction both in the ideation process and later in the graphic development of Audi’s designs including the animations. Further more in the stories >>>

    Audi - Digital Partner
  • The future of wellbeing

    The future of wellbeing

    “Make it digital” was the clear-cut assignment. But what does this really mean in the shower and in the bathroom? Which path is the right one for hansgrohe to take? With Rainfinity, PHOENIX has created a shower family as well as conclusive services with RainTunes around the hansgrohe brand – always with a clear focus on the user.

    The solution that has thus come about is individual, realistic, transforming for hansgrohe, and at the same time users will be surprised and enthusiastic. Taking a shower is both hygienic and relaxing, and it is a very personal ritual which should accommodate a wide range of ever changing needs. From an invigorating start into each new day via the revitalising cool-down after sports all the way to a relaxing calm-down for a good night’s sleep. Each RainTune scenario is in synch with water temperature and jet intensity, and controls lighting, music, and other multimedia applications. This allows for expressing a practically unlimited number of shower experiences. The scenarios were developed in close collaboration with neurologists, physiotherapists, dermatologists, aroma therapists and sound designers. PHOENIX has thus managed to create a novel and perfectly adjusted shower experience – product plus services from a single source. More details >>> https://phoenixdesign.com/en/geschichten/transforming-shower/

    The future of wellbeing
  • My Stiebel Eltron App

    My Stiebel Eltron App

    Good climate is important to us.  Stiebel Eltron App, designed by PHOENIX, guarantees the promise. 100% transparency. “How much CO2 have I saved thanks to my heat pump, compared to a traditional gas-fired heating?”. Taking responsibility as a basic brand value, sustainability is being communicated to the end user as motivation and feedback.

  • Phoenix Design – Generation Change

    Phoenix Design – Generation Change

    After 32 successful years, Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr, founders and Managing Partners of Phoenix Design, handed over the management to the next generation in early March 2019. 

  • PHOENIX LunchTalk

    PHOENIX LunchTalk

    On Tuesday, 14.05.2019, Carlo Maria Rauen from Neuroletic-Coaching comes as a speaker for Lunch Talk in the Studio Munich. Lunch Talk at PHOENIX means learning from each other and using synergies. All employees are invited with the guest speakers. These come from a wide variety of design disciplines.

    [Neuro] + [Letic]: combination of neuroscience and athletic performance; the vital fusion of body and mind. Carlo knows the everyday life of designers, was even many years in this profession on the road. We are curious what we can do for a better well-being, for more creativity. www.neuroletic-coaching.com

    Afterwards (at 12.30 pm), there will be served a fine meal from the PHOENIX kitchen plus good conversations in order to learn from one another, benefiting from synergies. Our guest speakers will get insights into our world of Logic, Morals, and Magic.

    LunchTalk Speakers to date: Tilla Goldberg, Ippolito Fleitz; Markus Jehs & Jürgen Laub; Alexander Trage, Dorten; Marcus Fischer, Mackevision; Prof. Matthias Held, HfG Schw.Gmünd; Robin Hofmann, HearDis; Prof. Jochen Rädecker, Strichpunkt; Dr. Frank Heinlein, Werner Sobek; Martin Wippler, Klangfinder; Prof. Thomas Hundt, jangled nerves; Jürgen Späth, Projektriangle; Andreas Kunert, Leithaus-Film; Kai Bierich, Wulf Architekten; Marius Bauer, Umwerk; Vera Schmidt, Sr. Manager Advanced Digital Design, Daimler AG; Friedrich Schmidgall, HU Berlin; Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab; Ahmet Sakali, Testingtime; Moritz Dörstelmann, FibR; Aline Käfer, LIGANOVA; Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Red Dot; Joël Gähwiler, ZhdK; Ivan Mallinowski, and Christine Schaal, Containerwerk; Mattias Nirschl, Lumod; Rainer Hirt, Audity; Lisa Zech, STUDIO LZ.

    PHOENIX LunchTalk
  • CTO Spring Forum

    CTO Spring Forum

    On Friday, 12.04.19, at the CTO Spring Forum 2019, at Google Germany in Munich, Matthias Oesterle, Design Business Manager of PHOENIX, is invited as speaker. Theme of this year's event: From Soloist to Orchestra Conductor: Innovation in Digital Eco-Systems.

    Matthias Oesterle (*1984), Design Business Manager at PHOENIX. After studying in Schwäbisch Gmünd as a product designer, he began his career at Phoenix Design in Stuttgart. With his many years of experience in the design and development of brand and assortment strategies, he now manages innovative projects for clients such as Hansgrohe, Schindler or Viessmann. As a trend expert, he is responsible for the TrendLab from Phoenix Design. Matthias Oesterle is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, thus shaping the Phoenix Design Academy.

    Together with Frank Schnatz and Steffen Erath (both Hansgrohe SE), he will give a lecture on innovation in digital eco-systems at the CTO Forum. Title of the lecture: "The fourth state of aggregation of water, how Hansgrohe uses digitization to revolutionize the shower experience".

    Furthr information >https://www.forum-dieselmedaille.de/cto-fruehjahrsforum-2019/



    CTO Spring Forum
  • Transforming the Shower

    Transforming the Shower

    hansgrohe presented their new shower family “Rainfinity”, designed by PHOENIX, at the ISH 2019 in Frankfurt/Germany. In combination with the “hansgrohe Home” App, also designed by PHOENIX and RainTunes the innovative, digital shower system for the bathroom.

  • Top Results at the iF World Design Index

    Top Results at the iF World Design Index

    The new top labels of the renowned iF International Forum Design compare those designers who in the past repeatedly achieved leading ranks at competitions. In four index groups, in each of the categories Design Studios and Industry "Bath" 2015–2019 the label BEST OF for PHOENIX – the top rank.

    BEST OF for PHOENIX: The iF World Design Index (WDI) is a benchmarking and evaluation tool acknowledging continuously substantial, excellent and sustainable design. In the categories Design Studios and Bath 2015–2019, Phoenix Design has been able to move to the very top of a phalanx of 1,762 and 201 Winner Awards, respectively.

    "The iF World Design Index is congruent with our discerning claim to design quality and sustainability. We were excited for it to arrive, and now we are very happy indeed about the very good ranking positions we've achieved – we see them as appreciation of our work throughout many years," says Andreas Haug, Founder and Managing Partner of Phoenix Design.

    The iF WDI refers to the past five years, depending on the kind and number of iF Awards won, split into six index groups: Continents, Countries, Industries, Companies, Inhouse Design Teams and Independent Design Studios.

    More at: www.ifworlddesignguide.com/if-top-labels

    Top Results at the iF World Design Index
  • 8x iF Design Award 2019

    8x iF Design Award 2019

    Great joy: Phoenix Design has been honoured 8 times with the iF Design Award including 1x iF GOLD for Rainfinity, a new archetype in the world of shower by Hansgrohe. The iF award ceremony took place on 15 March 2019 at the BMW Welt in Munich.

    With more than 6,300 submissions, 1,190 were awarded the coveted design prize. Selected PHOENIX winners are: Hansgrohe SE with Rainfinity shower family, Croma E280 Showerpipe and AXOR Showers. Furthermore AXENT Switzerland XT-Cabinet; BORA Classic 2.0 cooktop extractor; DELI D20 printer family; Delicacy RA3 shower enclosure and SUPOR Q-Series thermo food box.


    8x iF Design Award 2019
  • MCBW 2019: Adobe Creative Jam and Review

    MCBW 2019: Adobe Creative Jam and Review

    With a design event Phoenix Design was again part of this year's Munich Creative Business Week in the creative capital of Bavaria! The PHOENIX team invited to an Adobe Creative Jam followed by a Review (in front of audience) on Wednesday, 13 March 2019 in the Munich studio. The topic was “Smart Living – no escape”.

    At home, at the work, in motion: in all everyday situations, we are surrounded by intelligent systems striving to improve our quality of life. Escape? Hardly possible! Smart technology is increasingly becoming the standard for new products and services.

    Together with Adobe, Phoenix Design hosted a Creative Jam from 4-7 p.m. providing a space to try out own ideas and concepts on the topic “Smart Living”, embedded into a competition of three teams. PHOENIX designers Moritz Rodermund, Oliver Günther and Oliver Kosić accompanied the creative workshop as coaches. 

    What's a Creative Jam?

    "Nothing beats being part of a creative community. That’s why we created Creative Jams, an event series where local thought leaders share a behind-the-scene peek into their processes and projects; meanwhile, teams compete in a tournament that puts their creative skills to the test." – Adobe | www.adobecreativejams.com

    Three teams dealt with the topic of “Smart Living” with regard to at home, at work or in motion.

    Despite smart lighting, a remote-controlled toaster or personal assistants like Alexa, one’s own home doesn’t feel particularly “smart” yet. That’s why Team&Struppi [a sly reference to the cartoon character Tintin] applied themselves to the digitisation of the living room at home. They developed a concept for small living rooms in big cities that track the mood, situation, and individual needs of the people living there. By means of displays, projections, and modular furniture which adapts itself on its own, a 35 sqm apartment could practically take on any shape and position. It might even lend itself to the opportunity of taking one’s personalized apartment along on a journey …

    LoveMotion conceived an on-the-go service which brings people travelling a lot on trains closer together. Despite limitless technological options to connect, the person sitting in the opposite seat is a stranger. Via the app meet in motion, a person buying a ticket may type in their interests or topics about which they want to enter into an exchange with fellow travellers. The ticket buyer will then receive information about where to find people on the train who share his or her interests – whether it’s knitting, the Brexit, or Champions League games. Based on this idea, how will the modes of transport of the future look like?

    How can you help employees stay in touch with their colleagues, with project and corporate developments and thus with the corporate culture even during extended times of absence? The team wirarbeitendran tackled this challenge, and focussed on the generated persona Julia, a single mother who wants to reconcile her job and her family. Based on her needs, Do was created, the idea of a cloud-based platform. It enables users to share content and ideas easily and in a straightforward manner with their colleagues. As an analogy of sitting around a campfire, this platform wants to create a positive and casual digital environment fostering a strong feeling of community and togetherness.

    During the following Creative Jam Review, the experts Martin Schmiedel, Chairman of GFKD Association of municipal digitisation, Alex Holzreiter, Senior Manager Alliance Lead ASGR Adobe & SAP of Accenture Interactive and Joon-Mo Lee, Managing Director of Phoenix Design discussed the ideas developed so far – presenting their individual perspectives and digital trends as impulse speeches in front of the audience.

    The best ideas were to be honoured with three awards. The team LoveMotion received the Jury Award (bestowed by experts), wirarbeitendran received the PHOENIX Award (bestowed by the coaches), and Team&Struppi won the Audience Award (selected by the audience). Moreover, the winners of the Jury Award and those of the Audience Award were also given an annual subscription to Adobe CC, the winner of the PHOENIX Award got a Hansgrohe hand shower designed by Phoenix Design.

    The afterparty was for networking while having some snacks and drinks.

    About the MCBW
    Munich and Bavaria as a site for creative activities stand for premium entrepreneur-oriented connections between the design and the corporate sector. Organized by bayern design GmbH in the first quarter of every year, MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK (MCBW) is the largest design event in Germany and illustrates the potential: Close to 200 committed Program Partners create a platform for companies with an affinity for design, designers and design agencies across disciplines including architecture and advertising and the general public interested in design. Following the slogan Design connects, more than 75,000 participants will encounter substantial transfer of knowledge and inspiring design experiences. More information under www.mcbw.de/en.

    MCBW 2019: Adobe Creative Jam and Review
  • PHOENIX at ISH fair

    PHOENIX at ISH fair

    Trends in the bathroom, and innovations for home and sanitary technology: at ISH, taking place on 11–15 March 2019, Hansgrohe Group and Stiebel Eltron are among the companies exhibiting their world premiere innovations, among them: products and services designed by Phoenix Design.

    With more than 2,400 exhibitors and more than 200,000 visitors, ISH 2019 in Frankfurt am Main is the foremost showcase for sanitary installations, intelligent living and innovative building solutions. On more than 2,000m2, the brands AXOR and hansgrohe will be presenting themselves, showing ground-breaking innovations for bathroom and kitchen to trade and professional visitors as well as end users in Hall 2 (Festhalle), Stand A.02. A case in point: AXOR will show the German Design Award “Winner” MyEdition in its new appearance, designed by PHOENIX. The hansgrohe Metropol series of mixers also sports a new look thanks to new surfaces.

    Placing the customer into the focus of our work, we are re-thinking water in the bathroom and in the kitchen in entirely new dimensions, adding a functional added value, thus creating an emotional water experience,” as Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, CEO of Hansgrohe Group, describes the trade show appearance. Phoenix Design has been supporting the company from Schiltach for many years, contributing to the innovation process and creating high-quality product design.

    Stiebel Eltron presents itself in the spirit of ISH, showcasing cross-system solutions for building technology that is both energy-efficient and easy on resources, with services designed by Phoenix Design. Please visit our client in Hall 12.1, Stand E21 and E03.

    Further PHOENIX clients at ISH:

    Hüppe > Hall 3.1, D11 
    AXENT Switzerland > Hall 3.1, D25
    Schiedel > Hall 11.1, E51

    To schedule your appointment, please contact Silvia Olp at Enable JavaScript to view protected content., mobile +49 160 88943 77.

    PHOENIX at ISH fair
  • AXOR MyEdition

    AXOR MyEdition

    The AXOR MyEdition faucet line brings a new dimension to individualization in the bathroom. Aligned with the cultural lifestyle of people worldwide and the attraction of differentiation. "MyEdition" reflects authenticity and exclusivity by giving the faucet its own character with high-quality materials.

    Further information >>>

    AXOR MyEdition
  • Yo-Yo Time

    Yo-Yo Time

    At the end of their internship, Jana, Lea, Philipp and Konstantin (left to right) present their interpretations of a Yo-Yo. Under the topic "Next", the young designers created their individual ideas.

    A yo-yo that rolls back up on its own, a hexagonal yo-yo from the 3D printer with a combined voice function, a user-optimized yo-yo in each sub-element and a "multi-aesthetic" yo-yo.

    Still, all Yo-Yo’s designed by our interns are focused on achieving the aim of concentrated and distinctive use. They are developed in a two-day time-frame towards the end of a six-month internship.

    Since 1988, Phoenix Design has presented each intern with the same task, as a farewell present, as it were: “Design a Yo-Yo!” This means designing interaction – not only between the Yo-Yo and one’s wrist. What is also meant is the exchange where job starters and experienced designers can learn from each other. Based on their own know-how, the young designers may turn to the experience of Product Designers, User Experience Designers, Surface Designers and Model Makers and garner their support in all areas.

    The Yo-Yo presentation in front of the entire team is one of highlights twice a year for the Phoenix Design team members, too.

    Since September 2018, our interns have achieved valuable work and brought to bear their creativity. For this, we say “Thank you!”, wishing them all the best for the future!

    The YO-YO Book may be ordered from Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

    Yo-Yo Time
  • Gold for Gold: AXOR ShowerPipe 800 wins

    Gold for Gold: AXOR ShowerPipe 800 wins

    Phoenix Design receives together with its client Hansgrohe SE one German Design Award "Gold" for AXOR ShowerPipe 800. The international jury of the German Design Council honors the shower system designed by Phoenix Design with the highest award in the renowned competition.

    The AXOR ShowerPipe 800 is an extravagant system of water channels in a purist pipe design staging the original way of transporting water. Newly interpreted with a thermostat that incorporates two »Select« buttons for easy and precise operation of overhead and hand-held showers including the innovative "PowderRain", as well as a spacious shelf made of fine glass.

    The jury justifies its decision as follows: "(…) what AXOR has achieved with its ShowerPipe 800 more than exceeds all expectations, from the standpoint of both form and function. The ShowerPipe 800 water guiding system stands out from the competition already at first glance, thanks to its delicate design, which is reduced to the essentials, and its elemental design language – which does not visually dominate the bathroom decor, but instead merely rounds it out with elegant understatement."

    Besides, AXOR MyEdition Faucet Series receives a "Winner" award – silver.

    Further German Design Awards 2019 with our longtime client are:

    • Winner for hansgrohe Product Family C51 Sink Combination
    • Winner for hansgrohe ShowerTablet
    • Special Mention for hansgrohe Novus Faucet Series
    • Special Mention for hansgrohe Product Family C51 Select Sink Combination
    • Special Mention for hansrgohe Raindance E ShowerPipe

    We are very happy about these successful results.

    Since 2012, the German Design Council honors every year high-calibre entries in the fields of product and communication design, each of which blazes new trails in the international design landscape.

    The award-winning ceremony and the exhibition opening with all winners of the German Design Award 2019 will take place on 8 February 2019 as part of the "Ambiente" trade show in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    Gold for Gold: AXOR ShowerPipe 800 wins
  • Germand Design Award for PHOENIX and LEDVANCE

    Germand Design Award for PHOENIX and LEDVANCE

    German Design Award “Winner“ 2019 for SCALE: Phoenix Design receives together with its client LEDVANCE the coveted award of the German Design Council. The international jury honours the Visual Design Language for innovative lighting products designed by Phoenix Design with a "Winner" award.

  • 100 Years of Bauhaus - Interview Andreas Haug

    100 Years of Bauhaus - Interview Andreas Haug

    "(...) What’s much more important: these designs are convincing in terms of longevity and verifiable business success. In this respect, Phoenix Design follows the tradition of Bauhaus and Ulm school – embodying the virtues of German design." Our philosophy describes how closely we are linked to this movement. On the occasion of its anniversary, Andreas Haug, Founder and Managing Partner of Phoenix Design, will answer three questions about Bauhaus.

  • Phoenix Design and Wilkhahn

    Phoenix Design and Wilkhahn

    Wilkhahn shows its newest product designed by Phoenix Design to the public: the Conference Chair "Intra". At the ORGATEC in Cologne/Germany, the internationally leading trade show for modern working environments, the furniture manufacturer presented  his answer to increased dynamics and more agility in the office environment.

  • 在 PHOENIX 公司入职

    在 PHOENIX 公司入职

    三个驻地互不相关?不是的!Phoenix Design 重视斯图加特、慕尼黑和上海之间的合作,并为此也投入了时间和金钱。因为我们相信通过人与人之间的接触而迸发出团队力量。因此,我们也将中国的新设计师带到德国的所在地——所以郭淑芬(音译)也过来了。

    郭淑芬(右)是我们正处于成长阶段的上海工作室的第一个女交互设计师。在中国最初的入职阶段后,Gigi 生平第一次来到德国,以认识其他的 60 来个员工和了解当地的工作方式。她在斯图加特和慕尼黑一共度过了 3 个礼拜体验了新的文化、学习新的设计经验,还通过她个人的观点为相应团队对的当前项目提供支持。一直在她身边:她的“入职伙伴” Carolin Schmitt(左),Phoenix Design 在斯图加特的女 UX 设计师,负责一般性的问题和主题。

    Gigi 曾在中国广州中山大学学习艺术和设计,专业方向为创新设计。在她作为交换生在台湾实践大学学习期间,她曾参加过通讯设计课程,发现了自己在界面和交互方面的兴趣。毕业后,她在哈曼国际工作了三年多,从开始时的实习生做到主任设计师。“对我来说,设计就是以一种逻辑和优美的方式创造东西或解决问题。没有逻辑的产品是无法满足用户的需求的”,她这样描述她的设计理念。因此,Gigi 的工作透过现象看本质,确保用户获得良好的产品体验。

    简短的采访中,Gigi 回答了两个与她在德国项目程序有关的提问。

    我认为,项目程序不仅是与自己的工作方式有关,而是为了认识公司的每一个人。与彼此共度时光,体验 PHOENIX 文化。旅行中最好玩的一刻是 Caro 带我去参加传统狂欢节时,那儿的人们展现出他们疯狂而有趣的行为。

    通过项目程序,我知道了 PHOENIX 的整个项目流程,和每一个同事都面对面交谈过,以及了解今后在特定项目中可以联系谁来获得帮助。想不到在 Phoenix Design 设计流程的每一个步骤中都有这么多有才华的行家。项目程序有助于缩短斯图加特、慕尼黑和上海之间的距离,确保我们同属一个大家庭并相互分享我们的理念、逻辑、士气和魔力。

    在 PHOENIX 公司入职
  • Premiere of the new deli printer family D20

    Premiere of the new deli printer family D20

    On Monday, 18 December 2018 the stationary manufacturer Deli presented the D20 printer family designed by Phoenix Design for the first time to the public. Yifan Zhang (left), General Manager China and Member of the Board, and Senior Designer Jonas Hänel (right) accompanied the launch event in Beijing, China.

    The D20 printer series for professional use consists of laser and ink jet printers, as well as laser and ink jet multi-function devices (printing, scanning, copying). The affordably-priced devices have a very large ink or toner capacity – cost efficiency and environmental friendliness are combined here. Grouping the most important elements into functional blocks with a graphic look not only supports an intuitive user guidance but also makes for a brand product with a high recognition value. The light colours and the clear design language of the D20 product family are ideal for integrating it into modern working and living environments.

    In their presentation, the two PHOENIX designers talked in detail about the design process, the design of the D20 products and the German-Chinese collaboration in general.

    About Deli
    Deli’s journey began in 1988 as a small plastics workshop in the outskirts of Ningbo, China. Over the last 30 years of providing quality products and services to their customers, Deli has grown to become the leading office supplies and stationery brand in China, and Asia’s largest stationery manufacturing base. en.nbdeli.com

    Premiere of the new deli printer family D20